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Hala Al-Rafidain telecom and Internet is a contribution in Iraq, whose main objective is to provide Internet service, communications and maintenance services in Iraq in the field of communication networks and services large and small.

Hala Al-Rafidain Telecom and Internet service provides high-speed Internet via satellite.
Hala Al-Rafidain meet the requirements of all of this means that all clients, whether individuals or companies are investigating their needs.

Started since 2003 and work continues hard and an effort to meet the needs of customers through the provision and installation of Internet networks of all kinds and all services related to customer service such as protection of home networks, and networks of large penetrations of Foreign Affairs and service high-speed Internet, compared with other companies that offer the same service.

One of the activities provided by Hala Al-Rafidain is a way two-way Internet service via satellite modems such us:-
IDirect, Linkstar, Hughes and big modems as Comtech.

And our professional team with experience and high efficiency in the programming and installation of computers to service networks that run under the Linux environment for companies as the best means to protect and maintain the systems.



Best Communications and internet company in IRAQ


Fastest internet for Halasat Users



Delivering best internet services on monstly allover IRAQ



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